It should not be surprising that Watches Blog not only favors being able to purchase watches online, but is attempting to actively be part of the force that helps the traditional watch industry transition to more modern ways of doing business - many of which replica rolex involve internet shopping. Part of the context of this conversation is the fact that traditional watch retailers are mostly suffering in terms of perceived low consumer demand, but at the same time, the replique montre data seems to indicate that we are experiencing a time when demand for watches is higher than it has been in the last 30 years. So what's the deal? The often unspoken reality of 2016 is that people are buying mostly gray-market and pre-owned watches, and they are doing so mostly cheap rolex replica via internet means. Of course, there are people buying new watches in traditional brick and mortar stores, but few of them are paying retail prices. Simple capitalism mixed with a globalized economy has laid utter ruin to the traditional watch industry's core way of doing business that tends to be about repliche orologi selling wholesale directly to a retailer or using various distributors. I've been talking about this since 2010 when I first asked if there is a "doomsday coming for third party watch retailers." That is all happening now.

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