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As you know, we are a true manufacturer. For me, the manufacturer is not only about having your own calibers, but also to able to equip 100% of production with our own calibers. There are only very few brands who are able to do that. Since ETA began to limit supply, many omega replica brands started offering their own movements. And they could be great movements, but they only represent 15% - 20% of their production. We are delivering 100% of our products with cartier replica manufacturer standard, same as Patek, as Rolex, etc. And I think it's important when you take responsibility for having not only designed the case, but also the engine. Toward the consumers, you have a great responsibility to ensure that the people are happy replique montres when they are buying, and happy for the long term. That also means we are totally capable to maintain all the El Primero movements. You know, El Primero is 47 years old, so you can imagine the number and different kinds of El Primero calibers we have released. So that's something which toms sko salg is also part of the brand's responsibility to the consumers, to maintain the product for a long time because it is we alone who must please the consumers when they put the credit card on the counter. We want to make sure that he is happy for the long term.
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